On Being a Sensitive Person

Being a sensitive person can be extremely frustrating at times, and it can be a blessing or a curse. Nowadays I am able to handle situations much better than I could back when I was depressed, but it can still be rough at times, especially when other people have a hard time understanding why certain things upset me. I’ve also learned to channel my emotions and put my sensitivity to good use; I’m an actress, so I can now see my sensitivity as a positive aspect of myself because it helps a lot when I’m trying to connect to a character or a situation in a play. As Thomas Kretschmann said, “Acting is all about truth and honesty, and the sensitivity that’s capable of transporting you.”

Because of my sensitivity, I’ve also been someone who other people go to when they need someone to talk to or are looking for advice. I’m able to empathize with people pretty easily, more easily than a lot of people seem to be able to do. I care about how people feel, and if I can tell that someone around me is feeling down, I make sure they’re okay.

As mentioned earlier, my sensitivity is both a blessing and a curse. The challenge that I face is to focus on the blessing aspect of it and how I can put it to good use in my life.  Even though it can still be frustrating at times, I’ve accepted that I am a sensitive person, and I like that about myself. It makes me who I am.

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