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Why do you share your story?

There are so many mental health advocates out there who share their stories about their mental health experiences in an effort to help end the stigma that is still so often attached to mental health issues. I would like to … Continue reading

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My Culture & Stigma

The following is an excerpt from a paper that I wrote for graduate school titled “My Cultural Background.” One aspect of our culture that sadly still exists is the stigma of mental illness. I suffered from depression and anxiety my … Continue reading

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“Unique’s Story…” By Stacey Lehrer

Unique always used to talk about writing a book about her life. She worked on it off and on for years, often telling me about a chapter she was working on or what part she planned to write about next. … Continue reading

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Guest Post by Kate Topp

Don’t allow the fear and lack of education from others make you feel like a burden. Don’t allow them to tell you that you are ‘faking’ your illness. You know that something is wrong. You know within yourself that you … Continue reading

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My Battle with Stigma: A Psychologist’s Story

I am a strong woman, a self-proclaimed wise old woman of 59 years, a helping professional with my own history of mental illness, and hailing from a family where untreated mental illness was devastating. I dance under the stars on … Continue reading

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Stigma and Eating Disorders by @Katiecatharsis

Eating disorders tend to be very stigmatized by the media and are usually mentioned in conjunction with celebrities who have lost a tiny bit of weight and are suddenly classed as ‘anorexic’. There are many stigmas about eating disorders and … Continue reading

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Frozen and Mental Illness

Even though the movie Frozen has been out for months, I just saw it for the first time the other day. Right away, I related to Elsa and the whole “conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know” mentality surrounding her … Continue reading

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Guest Post about OCD by Rebecca

I’m Rebecca, a 21 year old from the North of England and I have OCD. I thought I’d start off by taking a photo of my hands. You’re probably looking at them wondering where the cracks and sores are, after … Continue reading

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Guest Post: “Stigma” by Jay Davies

“Stigma”  was originally posted on the author’s blog, Nothing Showing. Follow Jay Davies on Twitter: @NothingShowing stig·ma ˈstigmə/ noun noun: stigma; plural noun: stigmata; plural noun: stigmas 1. a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person. “the stigma of mental … Continue reading

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A Look at Stigma

I recently asked our Facebook fans and Twitter followers to answer the following: “What does stigma mean to you? How has it affected you or someone you know?” Here are their responses: “The stigma casts those dealing with a mental illness out … Continue reading

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