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Guest Post: My Life with Anorexia

‘Attention seeker’, ‘diet gone wrong’, ‘stick insect’, ‘grow up’. I’ve heard these all before, how apparently I am crying out for attention, on a diet gone wrong to become a stick insect and to get better I must grow up. … Continue reading

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Life After Recovery

It just occurred to me to write this blog post because I thought it would interest a lot of people. You hear the word “recovery” and you may have an idea about what it means, but once recovery happens…what’s next? … Continue reading

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Recovery Doesn’t Happen All At Once

Note: This is a re-post from another blog that I used to run. The original post is dated March 16, 2010. I recently posted a status on Facebook about how I was frustrated that people kept telling me that if … Continue reading

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My Battle with Stigma: A Psychologist’s Story

I am a strong woman, a self-proclaimed wise old woman of 59 years, a helping professional with my own history of mental illness, and hailing from a family where untreated mental illness was devastating. I dance under the stars on … Continue reading

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I Know

I know what it feels like to want to die. To have no hope. To have no clear reason to keep on living. To feel the heavy weight of the daily struggle. To feel like life is so much harder … Continue reading

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Guest Post: The Whole Of Me Is Not The Sum Of My Parts by Rachel Cooper

It would be easy to introduce myself to you and say “I’ve suffered from depression and I’ve survived suicide attempts, and I’ve rebuilt myself from the bottom up”. But to do that would be to ignore all of the other … Continue reading

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