Why do you share your story?

-Sharing your story isn_t easy. But it is powerful. It has the power to change perceptions, encourage understanding and provide hope to others. - See more at-There are so many mental health advocates out there who share their stories about their mental health experiences in an effort to help end the stigma that is still so often attached to mental health issues. I would like to thank these people for opening up and sharing their personal experiences, which can sometimes be a scary and intimidating thing to do. Thank you to everybody who is working to promote awareness and understanding– you are doing very important work!

Why do you share your story?

I recently asked our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram followers why they share their story. If you would like to share your reason for sharing your story, feel free to do so in the comments!


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1 Response to Why do you share your story?

  1. morgan6062 says:

    I share my story to help people living with Dissociative Identity Disorder that they are totally normal for where they have been.

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